Crazy crows and the bleeding Japanese!

So I’ve been using my blog for a while now, quite unsuccessfully I might add, to document and map out (non-publicly) the development of my fourth and final year photography project. As much I would like to publish my progress thus far I’m rather worried that due to my disorganized nature I’ll really struggle to make it something worth reading, i.e., regular posts. All that aside i have decided just to put up this very quick unrelated post to get something on the table, the recently adopted motto, ‘Start as you mean to continue!’ is being scrapped in this case for a more manageable one, ‘Start!’.

My change in attitude is due to an email my friend Alex sent me in reply to a link I sent him earlier today, basically stating, ‘now that would be good for a blog post’, and i realized that when I work in the gallery I’m so unbelievably unchallenged by my job requirements that through the course of a day I entertain myself solely by perusing through the Internet. That’s once or twice a week all I do is go to work and look at stuff on the Internet for about 6-7hours each time, and it’s becoming clear that although most of the stuff is absolute crap, a lot of it really is quite interesting and maybe i should share it with someone other than Alex, although as he’s probably the only person who’s going to read this I’m really just finding a more elaborate way to share stuff with him, but you never know, we’ve been sending messages out into space for decades now blindly hoping that someone, or more accurately, something (other than Alex) will be on the receiving end of it, this is quite the same, except i don’t have a big huge satellite dish, (it’s in the terms of the lease that I’m not allowed to put them up).

So there were many things of notable interest viewed and read by myself the last day I worked, from the unbelievable ignorance of Fox news front-man Bill O’Reilly to the Wikipedia definition of ‘Stream of Consciousness’, but these are but the fodder that lead me to the my picks of the day. Firstly, this little gizmo,the Digg stack screensaver which was brought to my attention by one of my favourite blogs, Appstorm, very good for all things mac, and for people like myself who can only understand things when they are presented surrounded by shiny boxes and beautiful interfaces.


Basically, the Digg stack is a visual way of representing the must popular Diggs, (Diggs are like a currency that represents public interest for different images, videos, articles etc on the world wide web, for example if you ‘Digged this’ you would click a little button which would add a Digg to it, the more Diggs something has, the more people are reading about it and the more people are then showing their appreciation for the content within. Appstorm’s article is on interesting osx screensavers, and it informs that the diggstack can now be applied as a osx screensaver, which is kinda cool, although admittingly the fact that it’s saving the screen probably means your not using your laptop and therefore your probably not reading about all the current diggs, still though, when i was writing my thesis there were many occasions when I would just sit staring vacantly at my screensaver for extended periods of time, it is ultimate procrastination, which happens to not even be fun!

So I was sitting at work staring at the diggstack vacantly for about 10minutes, trying to gauge which stories were the most interesting and important in today’s world, and surprisingly it wasn’t the rather worrying prospect that North Korea will be launching a ballistic missile and carrying out a nuclear test unless the UN apologize to it immediately, no, that barely got a mention, it was this little video, (see below).

If this is what advertising is, I’m not sure I’m getting into the right industry!

Anyway, I have to go to work again soon, but here’s a photograph that was in this months national geographic which my good friend Orla subscribed me too, i just like looking at the pics.

Crow 'out of line!'...comments other crow!

Crow 'out of line!'...comments other crow!

ps, on the advice of one of my lecturers, i was told to check out this up and coming young star…….Rob O’Connor

ps2, i had some chocolate chip cheesecake today in the Joy of Cha, it had the same texture as a a Babybell, but the service was second to none!

ps3, ‘What kind of turd are you?’……..seriously?….when is the facebook quiz madness going to stop?!


~ by petermurrayie on April 30, 2009.

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